Be it a small issue or a significant dental health problem; you will need to see a dentist. Here are six warning signs that demand a visit to the dentist.

1) Toothache

Toothaches are not a simple issue. They can ruin your entire day. The root cause of the problem can be the root itself or many other reasons such as decay or infections. When you experience a toothache, it is definitely not pleasant. So make sure that you visit the dentist right away so that it doesn’t turn into something else, But if you are looking for one dentist richmond hill can help you instead of just bearing with the pain.

2) Unwell Gums

The problems that one might have with gums are many; they could be bleeding or swollen or can even have spots on them. It can be due to a new flossing routine, a new toothbrush or even gingivitis. All of these are major red flags that indicate that you need to get professional help from a dentist.

3) Sensitive teeth

When you have your daily cup of a hot tea or your favourite ice cream and feel a specific pain in your teeth, it’s time to go to a dentist. It means that the tooth has started to decay, and any hot or cold substance creates an irritation that is usually indicative of cavity.

4) Dry mouth

Ideally, your mouth is expected to have enough saliva to keep it moist. The saliva also plays a vital role in deciding the level of acidity in the mouth. However, if this is absent and your mouth feels continuously dehydrated, it can be due to some illness. Hence, if you suffer from a dry mouth, make you visit the dentist as soon as you can.

5) When you intake too much caffeine, alcohol or tobacco

All caffeine, alcohol and tobacco can create discolouration in the teeth. These substances tend to get stuck in the cracks of the enamel and turn pearly white into yellow. A visit to the dentist can help you discover ways and tips to keep them perfect white for healthier teeth in the future. Tobacco can even cause bad breath and oral cancer.

6) Along with Medical conditions

The human body is an incredibly dynamic system that is highly interdependent on each of its parts for different functions. In case a part of the body, like the teeth have poor health, it has the power to change the health conditions of the other parts of the human body as well. So in case you are going through a medical condition such as cardiovascular disease or diabetes, make sure that you consult your dentist as well.  People who are undergoing pregnancy are also advised to visit the dentist more often.