Information on Alzheimer’s Disease

AARP  Web Place –  Information, education, advocacy, and community services.

 AARP  Web Place –  Information, education, advocacy, and community services.

 Alzheimer’s Association – The Alzheimer’s Association national site. Explains the facts.Alzheimer’s – Caring from the Heart. Practical help and useful information.

Alzheimer’s Disease Fact Sheet – Basic Facts about Alzheimer’s Disease.

Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center – From the Mayo.

Alzheimer’s Disease Society – Info on Dementia, news and events.

FAQ’s.Alzheimer Research Forum – A leading scientific research web site.

Care Giving – From Managing the Stress, making decisions, and more.

Caregiver’s Guide to Alzheimer’s – Lots of simple plain tips. Doctor’s Guide – Info from Doctor’s Guide. 

Elder Abuse –  Lists some types of Abuse, possible causes, and prevention.

Family Caregiver Alliance Website – Home to the popular site, resource for long-term care.

Mental Health Net –  Profession resources and more.NCOA – National Council on the Aging. 

Senior Link – Eldercare resource, referral and consultation.

Stages of Alzheimer’s – The basic understanding of the 4 stages.

The Alzheimer Page – Washington University, St. Louis Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center.